Mobile slots: how to choose and play them for free and for money

Mobile Slots: tips on playing

In 2020, more people used to play mobile slots, and the last percentage of them chose real money, not mobile casino games. Even social casino players that choose FB casinos, started to spend more money buying additional bonuses and coins, which let them reach a higher level and get access to new slots.

It does not mean that people started making more money. Mobile online slots popularity can be explained with the gamblers’ “mobility”. They often combine various activities, and much time is needed to be on the go. They use this time gambling; it relaxes players and sometimes even let them make good money.

Types of mobile slots

With HTML 5 used now, all slots online can be positioned as mobile slots. Naturally, only new versions of Android, Apple, and Windows Phones are required. Besides, OS means much. Therefore, when a device user is going to download a free slots mobile version, he has to be sure that this or than chosen game can be launched at his phone or a tablet. App Store and Google Play usually inform their users about this compatibility.

As for the types of these games, everything is very simple. Traditionally, each mobile entertainment has a PC version. It can be tried on a computer or downloaded directly on the phone. The most popular new mobile slots categories are:

  • Progressive mobile slots;
  • Video Poker;
  • Card Games;
  • Roulette and Dice options (Craps);
  • Lotteries;
  • Keno and Bingo;
  • Classic Vegas games with additional bonus features, etc.

Today, even VR games have become mobile. However, they are not chosen often due to the high price of the VP equipment. It is expected that when the prices for these glasses fall, the number of Virtual reality mobile players will go to the Moon.

Payment methods

If a gambler wins a jackpot or even a small sum of money playing mobile slots, he can use the payment method that is offered at a casino. Usually, it depends only on a vendor. BTC mobile wallets for crypto players are also in favor; they can be installed together with a casino mobile soft or used separately (as an independent device). PayPal is not supported everywhere, whereas VISA and MasterCard are chosen traditionally.

Tips for mobile players

Although mobile slots foresee freedom of gambling, it is better to avoid playing in public places offering free Wi-Fi. No one can guarantee here that passwords and BTC wallet keys would be safe. VPN will not help in this case. Therefore, free Wi-Fi mobile gambling is good only for Fun mode trials, where the real money is not used, and virtual coins replace dollars, Euros or other types of currencies. Besides, the reputation of a mobile casino and software play a great role.